From a very young age, it was apparent that art would play a huge role in Matthew Clark’s life. Raised on a healthy diet of Saturday morning cartoons, old Walt Disney classics and children's books, it was a natural transition for him to start creating his own characters. He scribbled them in the books, on the walls, and any piece of paper he could get his hands on. Matthew’s current style continues to be shaped by these early influences, as well as the new ones he has been introduced to throughout his life. The graphics on the bottoms of skateboards, the flyers from rock shows, and graffiti lining the city streets opened his eyes to new art cultures that instantly grabbed hold of him and can be seen in his work today. Although a self-taught painter and illustrator, Matthew has a formal education in graphic design, which has helped to cultivate new skills and shape the style and applications of his artwork.

When not behind the computer monitor at his job as the art director for a Denver-based publishing company, Matthew’s time is spent drawing, painting, and designing various projects for a variety of clients. Matthew has created many illustrations and paintings that have been displayed on skateboards, snowboards, t-shirts, posters, books, album covers as well as in many local galleries in the Denver, Colorado area. Matthew continues to infuse his work with the new influences that he encounters, continually striving to evolve and expand his skills with each new piece he creates.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

All artwork with a Price Link is available for purchase through PayPal and is shipped directly from me. For any additional information, please contact me through the 'Contact' section of this site.